Cordyceps Militaris Living Culture

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10ml Codyceps Militaris Living Culture. Dispensing needle included.

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Difficulty: Easy

Fruiting Parameters: 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit

Substrate: 50 g of brown rice and 10 g of silkworm pupae in 70 mL of distilled water in 32oz glass jars

Cordyceps militaris is the most commonly collected Cordyceps worldwide!
Growing on parasitized Moth Larvae this cordcyeps holds many of the same components as the classically collected Tibetan Coryceps sinensis, and research has shown the militaris to have superior antioxidant effects. With cordyceps, as long as the insect is edible the mummified body contains more medicinal benefits than the mushroom! There has been lots of research out of the  Cordyceps Research Institute  Mushtech, Korea. This is one of the only Cordyceps mushrooms that is being produced commercially. Most cordyceps supplements are mycelium grown on brown rice flour or a glutinous grain so you will be buying more starch than medicinal components. Having access to the fruit body is critical for using this mushroom for Holistic practices.  Not every Cordyceps militaris culture will fruit. Taking spore pints and working from single spore isolates can encourage vigorous genetics, also you can isolate the best producing mushroom phenotype. Cordyceps also loose vigor quickly so proven cultures should be stored away ASAP!