The Antler Reishi Mushroom Patch™


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Please note: freezing is harmful to most of our Mushroom Patches. If you are having a Mushroom Patch shipped to a location that is experiencing extreme cold, you should consider delivering it to an address where it will be brought inside within several hours of delivery.

Skill Level: 1/5
Growing Temperature: 60–80 °F

This fascinating variant of the Reishi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum s.l.) produces long, tendril-like mushrooms or “antlers” that grow slowly within the sealed environment of the spawn bag that envelops it. The resulting forest of fungi can be harvested for tea, or allowed to dry as a spectacular piece of natural sculpture. An Antler Reishi Patch resting on your shelf or coffee table is sure to spark some interesting conversations when friends or family drop by for a visit!