Mushroom Grow Bag Kit

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This is an all-in-one style mushroom growing kit! Simplicity at its finest, which will make growing mushrooms in your home easy, and fun!Everything you need to grow your own mushrooms is included in this kit, except for spores, or living cultures to inoculate the grain spawn with. Some may also wish to use their own home made fruiting chamber. This mushroom grow kit comes with:

  1. One quart of pre-sterilized grain spawn (organic rye berries) in heat sealed mycobags with self healing injection ports
  2. Two quarts of our specially formulated, and Pre-pastuerized mushroom growing compost inside of heat sealed bags
  3. New mushroom grow bags
  4. optionally you may also purchase our casing mixture for mushrooms that require a casing

This all in one mushroom grow kit is meant to enable you to grow your favorite mushrooms at home, easily. Not all mushrooms can be grown using this kit. Please do your research as to what type of substrate your mushrooms require before purchasing this kit. It is for compost/manure loving mushrooms only.