Double Tub Bulk Substrate Fill Kit


The double tub substrate fill kit is one of the easiest, and cost effective ways to get started with authentic bulk mushroom cultivation.

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Would you like to (literally) grow pounds of mushrooms in the comfort of your own home, with no frustration or chance of error? Would you like to avoid purchasing expensive equipment, such as a pressure cooker, and a ton of mason jars? Then we are pleased to introduce you to the double tub mushroom growing technique! This is a REVOLUTIONARY process for growing your own mushrooms, in bulk. Not only is this kit extremely cost effective, and smaller than other kits on the market, but it also will out-produce other style kits, with an organic, natural, nutritious substrate that mushrooms love, for $30.00 USD! No worries about contamination, or messing up on the tedious details of making all your substrates yourself! You will get multiple flushes of beautiful mushrooms with this kit.

Each Double Tub Subtrate Fill Kit comes with:

2 quarts of properly hydrated and sterilized grain spawn, with our own proven additives to speed mycelial development drastically, in individual filter patch bags, with self healing injection port.

6 quarts of properly hydrated, ph adjusted, pre-pasturized nutrient enriched bulk mushroom growing substrate sealed in a filter patch bag. This is our own special mix of substrate that has proven to be superior to many substrates you can find in online tutorials. Our mix consists of high quality composted horse manure, coconut coir, high grade coarse vermiculite, hydrated lime (for ph adjustment), gypsum (for ph buffering and added nutrients), and our own top secret mix of additives to skyrocket the rate at which your mycelium grows, and can easily increase the yields that you could get with your own DIY mix.

Each double tub substrate fill kit is enough to fill TWO 6 quart plastic tub. Please note that this substrate kit does not include 6 quart tubs. You will need to obtain your own tubs.


This product is compatible with the ultra popular 6 quart dub tub bulk mist and fan tek